Recreating an Artists’ Coffee House On-line



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Espresso Buono Garden Cafe - Lynnwood, WA USA

Espresso Buono Garden Cafe – Lynnwood, WA USA

Can one recreate on-line the ambiance and artistic attitude of a coffee shop in impressionist era Paris?  Or the character of a little coffee shop I visited pre coffee franchise era in Port Angeles, Washington (now gone) that made me want to spend time there to develop plots and characters  in writing?  Or the shop in the movie Chocolat where arrogance, inhibitions and intolerance gradually melted away to create a new flavor of community?   I am hopeful that this on-line blog site can take on an adventurous, creative, respectful, inspiring and comforting life of its own with wide and varied accounts and examples of personal  journeys and achievements.

Can one also “virtually” pursue and promote art on-line as well as in an inspired setting with creative energy and leadership?  At my age and as a small business owner in today’s economy, I may not earn enough soon enough to participate in the more extravagant artistic adventures I dream of.  For example, while designing the layout and decorating  my real life Espresso Buono  Garden Cafe in Lynnwood, Washington USA, I decided one of the walls in the cozy back room really required  I take an intensive nine-month Tromp L’oeil class in Florence, Italy!   I have experienced the breathtaking art in Florence as well as other awe inspiring museums and venues in Europe and the United States.  Lacking the funds for a return trip to Florence for the tromp L’oeil class, I found a wonderful wall-paper mural to precisely fit the wall.    The wall receives many compliments…but I still yearn to learn the real art!      Fortunately, I’ve discovered one can widely broaden artistic horizons on-line as well as  through the arts and artists I support at my little garden cafe!

Thus, I hope to share my pursuit and support of art and ambiance  here with you, though you may be half way around the world from my cafe.   So, get your favorite Coffee, put your feet up under your computer desk and enjoy my blog!    Don’t forget to tell me about your own coffee, art and ambiance favorites, dreams, and personal achievements!


Off to Africa!

Hello Espresso Buono customers!  I’m off to my son’s commencement and celebration in Bellingham and then to AFRICA to trek to see mountain gorillas in Rwanda and 3 safari adventures in Tanzania.  So excited to have this life-long dream come true!  Jessica will keep Espresso Buono open with a few exceptions while I’m away.  See our “events/open hours” calendar on   Thank you so much for your continued support of our little Lynnwood haven!           Penny Wight, owner

Today’s winning customer story – Wedding Bells 

Wedding Bells will ring this spring for a lovely couple who met in Espresso Buono’s parking lot about a year ago. They parted company, met again soon after and have been together ever since.

We Wish you continued happiness. Thanks for returning to Espresso Buono and sharing your story!

Espresso Buono Website under construction

I’m working to update our website here on my wordpress.  Next project: to update and keep up to date our menu.  Some blogs not related to Espresso Buono will be moved to my Pen’s Picks wordpress site.  Once set up, I should be able to keep you up to date as to the goings on at Espresso Buono 🙂  Thanks for your patience!  Your feedback is welcome!


Jam sessions Saturday evenings starting 6/14/14


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Espresso Buono Garden Cafe in Lynnwood, WA is now open Saturday evenings until 9pm. Several folks have expressed interest in jamming to capacity our coffee shop and garden spaces with musicians plus our and their instruments. Musicians put together with instruments and a modest sound system and occasional motivating background beats should result in a really good time — and maybe really good music 🙂 Come Jam with us!

Off task? Into music….YOU can help!

My phone is nagging me to do quarterly taxes, payroll and pay bills, but I’m adding to my ipad professional musician and recording studio aps instead. So far I have Virtual Sheet Music, IRealPro, VocaLive, Garage Band, Loopy HD and Audiobus. My goodness times have changed in decades since I played/sang in public or in my living room for family! Now to learn what else I need to create and record my music in private using devices and aps I already have and aps you recommend. But first….. back to work!


mystery musician…

My secret spies told me that a mystery musician came in to play the in house guitar at Espresso Buono in Lynnwood recently on the back patio in the evening.  Sorry Mr. Mystery if you found the in house guitar slightly lacking in your ability to tune properly…   I don’t know how this guitar came to us.  That’s a mystery, too.  I hope you will come again…. maybe even let me know who you are and I could bring my real guitars in for you and friends to play.  Could be fun…


Thunder & Roses


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gold rose & birdhouses in backI trimmed the roses and dug hyacinths (I did NOT PLANT those) from around and under a long row of heucheras while listening to thunder draw closer and closer.  Wait!  Before the rains fall, I think I can dig out those wild pansies growing w,here I want to plant the new beautiful Dahlias I bought yesterday at Celestial Dream Gardens and Nursery in Kingston!  Yup, got that done, too.  Celeste told me I could plant the beauties in their pots in the ground for the fall for garden color and bring them in their pots to a sheltered spot for the winter.  I was able to temporarily put the Dahlia pots out to soak up the rain — draping the “wonky” long stemmed blooms against other potted plants along the short path to our entrance porch.  Now I can take time to really ponder their best placements in my gardens.  Quickly….run around during the first drops of rain to cover bins of weeds just picked and potting soil freshly opened.  Boots and gloves off, shake the dirt from jeans cuffs, feel around pinned up hair for bugs and bits of garden, run a few feet and up the steps dripping wet.   Laugh!   That was fun!


Jazz and oysters weekend


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Moments from our annual gathering at Long Beach, Washington for the Jazz and Oyster event. This one day event used to be held at the one room schoolhouse yard in Oysterville (lovely!) but now requires a larger event field space. Oysters are grilled fresh by local experts and community eateries donate complimentary food and beverages, including wine and beer. Our grown boys join us and this year family from Chico, Ca will also join the fun. Here are some quick pics of our long weekend for you to enjoy.