Espresso Buono Closing after 15 years

Dear Wonderful Espresso Buono Customers,

With a heavy heart I must Close Espresso Buono on November 2nd, 2018 Jessica must leave us November 1st and Morgaine by end of year.  These two wonder women are a great team and will be sorely missed!

As for me, time yesterday with my mom, scheduling several health care appointments for her and myself and seeing her tired and in pain was a wake-up call regarding my ability to keep Buono open and be of use to my family.  This is the busiest time of year for my immediate family, with three holidays and three birthdays by end of the year.

I hoped to keep Espresso Buono open with revised hours, reduced expenses and given increased weekday business from our new neighbor, Homage senior services. However, I think it would take several months to see if Espresso Buono might turn a profit. Approaching 70, I have lots of music, gardening, art and travel to experience and can no longer volunteer time to keep our little haven in the heart of Lynnwood open.

So, with Jessica, Morgaine and my family’s help, I chose to close Espresso Buono on November 2nd,  giving time for end of year business tasks and taxes and to organize a going out of business sale event.

We have many food service items to sell, if not miraculously to some entrepreneur wanting to run a (new) shop here, then to folks who come in during said sale. (Dates/times to be posted here on

Many Thanks to all who found your way to Espresso Buono over the past 15 years; especially you who stayed with us through thick and thin!  You are the reason I kept Espresso Buono open & why I’m sad to let it go. ☹

I sincerely wish you the best in life – – and that you will not be without a good cuppa when you need it 🙂

I will keep a personal website for those of you who want to stay in touch and will keep you posted here regarding that.

Penny Wight, owner

Espresso Buono Garden Cafe