About me …

February 25, 2016

I am Penny Wight, owner and manager of Espresso Buono Garden Cafe in Lynnwood, Washington USA. I’ve been a music therapist, piano teacher, special education teacher and CEO-school principal. During my young, determined to be independent stage I survived short stints as camp counselor, secretary, barmaid, recreation specialist, in home health provider, cleaning lady, etc… I’ve started a few small businesses. Small (very small) Indie-business ownership on a no-loans budget is really hard work!  However, my customers, employees, vendors, and Espresso Buono as a venue for involvement and support of the arts makes my small business well worth the effort. I hope we can have a positive impact on our customer’s lives, if only for the brief time it takes to order and receive a Buono Espresso 🙂

On a personal note; I am now of “retirement” age and  there is so much I still want to do in life!
I want to write, draw, and delve into photography. I want to keep gardening, singing and playing/recording piano and guitars. I want to stay in shape and travel near and far, especially with my husband of over forty years. I’d like to be helpful and share lots of laughter with my wonderful family and friends. Many, sadly, have passed away but their art, stories and memorabilia live on and could fill many chapters in an autobiography – as could many students, clients and colleagues who influenced my vision of the world and my place in it.



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