As of July 15 we increased our open days & hours in great part due to increased business from our new wonderful next door neighbor, Homage Senior Services.  These folks provide a multitude of wonderful services throughout Snohomish County.  Now we’ve settled into these hours:

  • Monday through Friday 8:30am-5:30pm
  • Saturday & Sunday 11am-4pm

It’s been tough for Espresso Buono with little evidence of life surrounding us since Wight’s Home and Garden Store on one side and the bookstore on the other side of us closed (independent of each other) on Mother’s Day 2017.   We’ve kept on because we so love those who didn’t assume Espresso Buono also closed and because lovely new folks discovered us in spite of the empty parking lots and buildings around us.  Now with our new neighbors to the east and hopefully new neighbors soon to the west, we’re gearing up for a great 16th year!  Our 15th birthday is in October! More on that later…

Jessica, Morgaine & I have had several special events and activities between us during the summer and have covered each others’ regular work shifts at the shop.  As autumn approaches and school starts we’ll settle in to a more consistent on-duty schedule.  I hope you’ll visit Espresso Buono on different days and hours so we each will have the honor to serve you!


Penny Wight, Owner