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Espresso Buono Garden Cafe - Lynnwood, WA USA

Espresso Buono Garden Cafe – Lynnwood, WA USA

When I first created a website I hoped to author the ambiance and artistic attitude of  coffee shops visited during my Rick Steve’s European tour.  I also hoped to capture the character of a writers’ paradise coffee shop I visited in Port Angeles  WA before franchise coffee shops became a thing. I wanted to add the flavor of the shop in the movie Chocolat where arrogance, inhibitions and intolerance gradually melted away to create a new flavor of community.   I wanted this on-line site to take on an adventurous, creative, respectful, inspiring and comforting life of its own with wide and varied accounts and examples of personal  journeys and achievements.

As it turns out, my dreams of an on-line “coffee shop” have been just that – dreams.  However, my real little Espresso Buono shop has met most of the goals above!

Still, as I get older, slowly more savvy in regards to technology and more inclined to just sit down —  I may get a chance to meet up with you here on-line even if you’re half way around the world from my cafe.

OR … if you’re nearby, come see us at Espresso Buono Garden Cafe 🙂

Or … check out my other blog Pens’ Pics to see if I’m accomplishing anything there.