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gold rose & birdhouses in backI trimmed the roses and dug hyacinths (I did NOT PLANT those) from around and under a long row of heucheras while listening to thunder draw closer and closer.  Wait!  Before the rains fall, I think I can dig out those wild pansies growing w,here I want to plant the new beautiful Dahlias I bought yesterday at Celestial Dream Gardens and Nursery in Kingston!  Yup, got that done, too.  Celeste told me I could plant the beauties in their pots in the ground for the fall for garden color and bring them in their pots to a sheltered spot for the winter.  I was able to temporarily put the Dahlia pots out to soak up the rain — draping the “wonky” long stemmed blooms against other potted plants along the short path to our entrance porch.  Now I can take time to really ponder their best placements in my gardens.  Quickly….run around during the first drops of rain to cover bins of weeds just picked and potting soil freshly opened.  Boots and gloves off, shake the dirt from jeans cuffs, feel around pinned up hair for bugs and bits of garden, run a few feet and up the steps dripping wet.   Laugh!   That was fun!